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Founded in 1992, Homestead Community Land Trust is a non-profit, membership organization that creates stability, equity and opportunity by developing land and housing in trust, giving lower-income households the opportunity to own a home that is affordable to them and remains affordable to future owners.  

We make homes permanently affordable, meeting and surpassing the standard compliance requirement of affordability 50 years. Our model was created by Civil Rights Era leaders in the 1960s as a way to prevent displacement while at the same time allowing people to own appreciating assets – homes, farms, businesses – that build wealth. We build new, or remodel existing homes, and fundraise to subsidize the price of each home to what is affordable to a buyer who makes less than 80% area median income. The home is purchased by homeowners and Homestead retains title to the land under homes. Homeowners pay a small monthly ground lease or program fee, and agree to a resale formula via a 99-year renewable covenant that allows them to earn a fair return of equity while at the same time passing on an affordable price to the next owner if/when they sell the home. Homeowners qualify to purchase the home with a traditional fixed-rate mortgage, and accrue equity through a combination of principal reduction and home appreciation. Homestead seeks to address both housing and climate equity outcomes with our developments, and seeks to meet and exceed environmental sustainability and energy efficiency standards.

Projects Soliciting Community Input

On October 4, 2022  the Phinney Ridge Community Council hosted a public meeting to provide information about these projects and get public input. The video from that meeting is here: 
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